Laser Facelift

Fotona 4D Facial Rejuvenation

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3D Skin Imaging

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As a result of the numerous trainings I received in a Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology,it has always been my dream to share my knowledge and clinical experience with my patients under the best conditions. while opening my clinic with high quality standards with advanced laser technologies using products approved by the Ministry of Health, my priority was to provide patient satisfaction at the highest level and now I am working with pleasure to bring your beauty and health together with my passion for increasing knowledge and developing technology.


Clinical Dermatology

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Acne Pimple

Acne Rosacea ( Rosacea, A. R. )

Actinic Keratosis

Allergıc And Irrıtan Contact Dermatıtıs

Alopesi Areata

Angıoma / Hemangıoma

Atopıc Dermatıtıs

Behcet 's Disease

Nevus Inspectıon ( Dermatoscopy )

Skın Cancers

Sexually Transmıtted Dıseases

Freckle / Lentigo

Hand - Foot - Mouth Dısease


Hyperhydrosıs ( Extremely Sweatıng )



Keloıd Scar

Keratosis Pilaris

Capillary Vein Therapy

Lichen Planus


Mollouscum Contagiosum

Callus - Corn

Pityriasis Rosea ( Rosal Dısease )



Haır Loss

Seboreıc Dermatıte

Seboreik Keratoz


Wart ( Data, Hpv )

Skin Tag




Vıtılıgo ( Dısease )

Zona ( Zoster )

Aesthetic Dermotology

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Face Rejuvenation (age Management)

4-dimensional Body Rejuvenation (fotona Tightsculpting)

3d Skin Analysis

Cellulite Treatment

Liplase (laser Lip Plump)

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

4-d (4d) Face Rejuvenation

Innofacial Skin Renewal System

Striae Treatment

Medical Skin Care

Tattoo Renewal

Skin Whitening

Treatment Of Acne Scars

Dermapen (micro Needling) Treatment

Chemical Peeling

Capillary Vein Therapy

Thread Lifting Method With Face Lift

Laser Eye Contour Rejuvenation (smootheye ™ Therapy)

Permanent Makeup


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